As a new generation cinematographer with a television background I’ve learned to work fast and efficient and to be multidisciplinary when needed. I’ve grown up in the digital ages in which everything was possible. This made me innovative and pushes me to constantly search for new, creative and inspiring ways of storytelling through my lens.


My biggest passion and main goal in life is to visualize every scene and situation in a new, creative and inspiring way of storytelling through my lens. Painting with light and using the camera’s sensor to impress, open eyes and entertain the audience in an innovative and emotional way. Sometimes I even dream in frames . 


With more than 150 television formats of experience I’ve learned how to visualize every storyline, scene and emotion you can imagine. Given today’s small budgets, I love to cooperate, advise and think about new and unique ways to express a new format and distinguish in the small and static landscape Holland has to offer . 


As a ENG broadcast cameraman I used to operate all kinds of cameras by myself. Over 10 years I trained myself daily to handle and set up camera’s as ergodynamic and applicable as possible. Over the years I’ve shot every imaginable emotion in a gripped, hurried, ethical or handheld situation .


With ‘talking’ as my second best talent I love to teach, convince and inspire other people with my passion for visuals, storytelling, optics and cameras. In cooperation with Hoens Creative I lead all kinds of workshops, inspiring talks and masterclasses to individuals, (production) companies and broadcasters.